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    Prof. Dr. GEORGE KOLANCHERY  (Principal)                         M.A, B.Ed, CELTA(Cambridge, UK), MBA( HRM), LL.B, Ph.D         Former Dean & Professor of Education  Purdue University                     USA Affiliate, Sultanate of Oman

" Education does not commence with the alphabet; it begins with a mother's look;with a father's nod of approbation; with a sister's gentle pressure of the hand;or a brother's noble act ".  No education deserves the same unless it develops thought, unless it pierces down to the mysterious spiritual principle of mind. A human soul without education is like marble in the quarry, which shows none of its inherent beauties until  the skill of the polisher fetches out the colors and makes the surface shine. Education has mainly two aspect , the cultural aspect which makes a person grow, and productive aspect which makes a person do things. Here comes the relevance of Crescent Public School (CPS) which targets the holistic development of a student.  We provide the students a myriad of possibilities for their comprehensive development. I am quite sure that CPS students will excel in their professional as well as personal life. May the flame of education enlighten the posterity!.

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Crescent School Chalakkudy

Crescent Public School is a full fledged institution with all infrastructure facilities. The long journey from 1995 with hardships and struggles has paved the way for fruits of success. A faculty of experienced and dedicated teachers provide ample opportunities for students to excel in scholastic and co-scholastic areas. Technological advancement in education necessitated modernization of classrooms and laboratories and CPS has bloomed into a glorious centre for global education.We believe in spiritual strength of students and the training given to students is aimed at taking schools to society and society to schools where learning together and living together are accomplished.This is the only school where parents can enjoy interaction through our organization named Crescentian Parents’ Club.

The Crescent Policy Statement

We aim at the holistic global growth of students, professional upliftment of staff, utmost satisfaction of parents and overall assistance through continuous renewal programmes integrating advanced technologies and systems so as to move with the times.