School Building

  Area of school campus

i.                    In Acres                                                                                :               5.41  Acres

ii.                  In Sq. mtrs.                                                                          :               21652

iii.                Built up area                                                                        :               6041 Sq. mtrs.

iv.                 Area of playground in sq. mtrs.                                       :               12500

v.                   Other facilities

a.       Swimming pool                                                        :               NO

b.      Indoor games                                                            :               YES

c.       Dance Rooms                                                           :               YES

d.      Gymnasium                                                                :               NO

e.      Music Rooms                                                             :               YES

f.        Hostels                                                                        :               NO

                               g.       Health and Medical Checkup                                  :               YES

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