Profile of a Crescentian



BRAVES Challenges

COURTEOUS to all, respects elders, is friendly to equals and gentle with juniors

DEALS gently with others even when he/she is hurt himself/herself

ENCOURAGES others in pursuit of noble goals

FEELS God’s presence

GIVES due respect to public property


INSISTS on fair play and applauds a victorious opponent.

JUDGES a situation only after assessing all facts.

Is KIND in thought, word and deed

LEARNS from his MISTAKES and moves forward.

NEVER puts off till tomorrow what he can do today.

OBSERVES his personal routine faithfully.

PUNCTUAL and is PEACE loving.

QUEST of QUALITY always.

RESPECTS the old, poor, disabled and the Stranger in the Street..

STRIVES for excellence and perfection.

TRIES to help those less privileged than himself.

URGES others to perform to the best of their ability.

VALUES the benefits of a clean and healthy environment.

WILLINGLY accepts and sincerely does the work assigned to him

X-CRESCENTIAN always remains loyal to his Alma Mater.

YEARNS for and searches for God in his world.

ZEALOUS about the honour and glory of the motherland.

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