Old Crescentian Association ( OCA )

Seven batches of students have already flown out  of the Crescentian  nest  to join  various professional colleges . As educators  our job does not stop  with the passing out of students  from class XII . The actual fruits of our endeavours  are reaped  after they leave the school .They are the ones who spread in society  the values that they have learnt at school . We are keen  on watching their progress in life and whenever and wherever possible help them and guide them .To foster the loyalty to the school the Old Crescentian  Assocation ( O C A ) has been  formed  as a unit that will serve as a forum of contact  between  the ex – student  and the school .

The members of the OCA  executive  committee are given the responsibility to chalk out various programmes  and schedules  to bring the O C A  members together and be involved  in the various activities  of the school . They are the torch bearers of the Crescentian  spirit in society and through  them  we shall spread the  Crescentian  aroma in and around . They  are the part and parcel of the Crescentian family and so we are always with them in spirit and prayer .

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