Affiliation Details

    Year of establishment of school                                                 :    1995

    Whether NOC from State/UT or                                                   :    YES
    Recommendation of Embassy of India
    i.    NOC No.                                                                                       :    15245/N3/96/GEdn
    ii.   NOC issuing date            :    25.10.1996

    Is the school is recognized, if yes by which                            :    Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi

    Status of affiliation:
    Permanent/Regular/Provisional                                                 :    Regular
    i.    Affiliation No.                                                                             :    930409
    ii.    Affiliation with the Board since                                           :    01.04.2002
    iii.    Extension of affiliation up to                                                :    31.03.2018

    Name of Trust/Society/Company registered                           :    THE CRESCENT EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY,
    under Section 25 of the Company Act, 1956.                                  CHALAKUDY, THRISSUR DISTRICT, KERALA
    Period up to which Registration of Trust/                                :    Valid for an unlimited period
    Society is valid

1.             Name and Official address of the Manager/                           :     M.K. ABDUL RAHMAN

    President / Chairman/ Correspondent                                              CHAIRMAN

                                                                                                                       CRESCENT PUBLIC SCHOOL

                                                                                                                       N.H. BYPASS ROAD, CHALAKUDY

                                                                                                                       THRISSUR DISTRICT – 680 307

i.                    E- mail                                                                   :

ii.                  Phone No.                                                             :      0480-2701217,2702573

iii.                  Fax No.                                                                  :       0480-2706222


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